the making of a pop-up

step by step

This article best applies for a brand pop up, however it can be largely implement with other events.

Consider the following questions:

  • Why do I want to do a pop up? — Do I want to connect with the community, do I want to showcase my work, do I want to sell it, do I want to keep the focus on me, or is it important for me to collaborate with other artists/creatives for this pop up event.
  • How I am paying for this? — Am I looking of a brand partnership, am I looking for a in kind sponsorship, can I afford to do this pop up, is it going to benefit me in other way


  • Staff - Consider all the elements required in a hiring process (eg. resumes, brand compatibility, work hours, contracts, etc). This is important to make sure the liability is set between both parties and your companies information is protected by law.
  • Space: Make sure you know the space capacity limit, end time, length of set-up/install/teardown, square footage, type of event(s) that can be held in the venue, SOP status, and any special feature/limitations. Consider renting furniture/props/event equipment; or hiring a fabricator
  • Visual: Think about product merchandising, brand guidelines, lighting. Should the product be the focus of your event, will attendees also socialize within the space?
  • Audio: Create a playlist, get a DJ, sound limitations. This is an opportunity to reach out to another community partner to create music for your brand and/or event
  • Smell: consider the smell or any other accents you can bring into the space. Whether it's a flower arrangement from mitsu or incense from Curves by Sean Brown make sure there is an accent to add an edge to your event.
  • Bar: Special Occasion Permit (SOP) - very important; print the digital copy and place it on top of bar or at the bar
    • No Sale permit - subject to event type
    • Sale permit - subject to event type
  • Guest List/RSVP page set up
  • Promotional Material: Depending on your event type, please ensure to keep in mind the following:
    • Special Occasion Permit (SOP) - private or public event (this will impact social outreach strategy)
    • Give ample time for people to RSVP
    • Share it on multiple channels
    • Include sponsors and/or partners
  • Social Media Content: if you have A sponsor/partner that need to be highlighted, make sure your production /content creation team knows what are the deliverables you are expected to share according to your partner/sponsor agreement.
    • Provide Photographers with a brief and/or shot list
    • Post social media content to boost engagement, inform customers, and build buzz around your pop-up

Note: If you are considering a financial or product sponsorship/partnerships, please see our event partnership outreach article for more details on how to craft initial communication.

Day Of:

Make a list of things you need to keep a pulse on. Make sure the space you created is safe! Stay cool and keep a positive attitude :)

Occasionally check-in with photographer and team throughout the event to confirm deliverables are being considered when it comes to created content.

Post Event:

Make sure to send guidelines for your invoices, collect the invoice, and file paid invoices

Draft and Post a Thank You to partners, sponsors, staff, and customers

Make sure to fulfill content obligations you have set with sponsors & partners

Written By Dana M & Isabelle Ofume