event sponsorship/partnership outreach

December 21, 2021


Hi [Name] -

Reaching out on behalf [YOUR BRAND NAME] from [City, Province, Country]. We will be hosting a pop-up in [LOCATION NAME & ADDRESS] on [DATE] and would love to get your [BRAND NAME] involved.

[INSERT a little blurb about your brand, if there are any high profile supporters/clients that were seen supporting it; press coverage, details on previous events & number of attendees]

In addition to the pop-up, [YOUR BRAND NAME] will host a [ADDITIONAL DETAILS ON EVENT], with sounds provided by [INSERT NAME OF DJ/BAND]. [INSERT details on the purpose of the pop-up/event]

Previous [YOUR BRAND NAME] events [INSERT information about past events].

Would you be interested in [SPONSOR/PARTNER] [INCLUDE what you want from them] for the event?  Would be happy to hop on call to chat further!

Let me know and talk soon!


Be prepared to also share a deck with further specs about your event in a format that your sponsor/partnership contact could further share with their team.


The deck needs to include

  • about your brand
  • about your event (why are you doing it, what are you trying to achieve with the event)
  • event specs, such as
    • Place, Date and Time
    • amount of people you're expecting (if you've done similar events in the past include the numbers of attendees you have reached)
    • design/space/vibe inspiration
    • DJs, other partners/sponsors
  • the type of partnerships you are looking for (i.e. the ASK such as money or product/money) and what are you willing to give for it. Below you can see some options:
  • Bar with visible Partner Product Menu stands with Partner Logo Partner Logo on the Invite Partner Logo on all social media assets Partner Logo on Official Event Photos/Videos

  • include contact information
Written By Dana M & Isabelle Ofume