how to pitch to a journalist



  1. Clearly state your objectives.
  2. Research the journalist and the company they work for.
  3. Identify the type of coverage you would like from the journalist (i.e., feature, opinion, round-up, etc.).
  4. Introduce the brand/designer/artist and highlight some of their upcoming releases.
  5. Limit the pitch to a maximum of three paragraphs.
  6. Use your subject line to tell the story and the type of story if applicable (partnership announcement, upcoming album release, art event recap, etc.). Think of the subject line as the headline.
  7. PITCH: Meet X, the new artist who has revolutionized photography in Toronto.


Amper Music provides a plethora of articles surrounding music topics such as AI music composition, production, licensing, etc.

ID tip: If you want to create a profile that grabs people's attention, share the story behind it and explain why it matters. Show them why they should care and what makes it exciting or meaningful. Get them hooked on the "why" and make it impossible for them not to get involved.

Are you doing something different that has never been done before? Are you representing an underrepresented community? Do you have an incredibly compelling origin story? Communicate your pitch or hire a PR professional who specializes in your industry (e.g. fashion, music, etc.). Be clear about what you want to achieve - do you want more exposure, increased sales, visibility within a particular community, etc.?