where to learn


Below are our favourite virtual spaces to learn and how they self describe

A resource center for brands in their earliest phases

A resource of emotional and practical guidance for creative people.

A growing database of free educational articles and how-tos. From marketing articles to psychology, personal finance, and leadership articles – any complex or confusing stuff is explained in an easy to understand manner – you will normally spend no more than five minutes to understand how it works.

The platform for knowledge discovery that helps you understand any topic through the most efficient paths, as voted by the community. Each topic has a mind map with nodes to other subtopics, external links and resources.

A New York-based branding agency that brings creativity and design principals to brands that value positive social change.

An online editorial platform for dialogue on building and maintaining creative practices. Each round is comprised of ten text-based interviews with notable practitioners in various spaces.

A person-to-person education service connecting anyone to experts like. Think of th-oughts as a decentralized university — no professors, only part-time adjuncts that live it. No traditional tuition — you pay only when raising your hand with a question. Select an expert, ask a question/upload work — you’re only charged once the expert answers.

Index Space is a mixed-use community center. they offer peer-led workshops, books and other “buns”, as well as public conversations, activities and events. Their physical location is in New York.