tips for invoices


Invoices for Artists, Freelancers, and more

An employer or person may ask for an invoice in order to process a payment. An invoice provides employers and people with the invoice number, date, product(s)/service(s) name, price, service and/or processing fee, tax obligations, and payment terms. You can create a template that aligns with your brand identity and further re-use it.

What to Include

  • Invoice (reference) number
  • Date
  • Logo and Contact Information
  • Business Name, Address and/or Contact Information for the business or person you are invoicing
  • Product(s)/Service(s) Name (optional: include brief description)
  • Price
  • Service and/or Processing Fee
  • Shipping
  • Tax Obligations
  • Rate of any discount(s)
  • Payment Terms
  • Payable To (i.e. Interac Etransfer, Paypal, credit card payment link, etc)

If unsure about Tax Obligations and storing invoices for your taxes, check out this resource.

Here are some good examples

Tool by 56 to generate Invoices

Written By Isabelle Ofume