how to create a line sheet

September 15, 2021

How to create a line sheet

A line sheet is a sales tool used by brands and designers to showcase their products to wholesale retailers. Line sheets generally include product images, description, color & size options and wholesale prices so that buyers can purchase from your line. Essentially, they should be clear with a straightforward layout. It is good practice to add this to your brand templates and align it with your brand guidelines as you will reuse every season for brands and designers alike. Line sheets can be formatted on Excel and/or the popular ecommerce tool such as NuORDER.

What to include

  • Brand Logo
  • Contact Info
  • General Order Information (i.e. collection name/number, date, etc)
  • Sales terms: minimum order amounts, shipping prices
  • HI-RES Product Image on white background preferably
  • Product Names (including color type)
  • Brief straight forward product descriptions
  • Available Sizes, Color, and any other
  • Wholesale Price and Suggested Retail Prices

Good examples

Written By Isabelle Ofume